Heaviest Duty Welded Body
"I" Frame
Drywall-Sheet-Panel Cart & Dolly
with Removable Posts
U.S. Market

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CANIS "I" Frame Cart - Dolly

Fully Welded Powder Coated Frame
with Removable Upright Posts

3,200 lb. Capacity 

2,400 lb. Capacity Models

2 Wheel Choices
3,200 lb. Capacity
Non-Marking Poly
2,400 lb. Capacity
8" Gray TPR
Non-Marking Rubber

Deck  27" Wide x 48" Long

Overall 27" Wide x 53" Long including Lift Handles

Overall Height is 49" with Upright Posts installed

Overall Height is 11 3/8" with No Posts installed
& Cart is in a Flat Dolly Mode

Pictured with No Posts inserted
*** Flat Dolly Mode ***
Posts are stored in Frame

Lift Handles
on each Deck End
for easy transport
Pictured with
Extra Posts inserted
in outer sockets

Can hold up to 6 Posts

2 Models to choose from :


"I" Cart - Dolly

3,200 lb. Capacity
4 Swivel

8" Non-Marking HI-TECH Poly Wheels
with (1) Multi-Position Lock on (1) Wheel

$379.00 Dealer Direct Cost  1 - 5 pcs

$369.00 Dealer Direct Cost    6+ pcs

Normal Re-Sale Price $572.00

"I" Cart - Dolly

2,400 lb. Capacity
4 Swivel

8" Non-Marking TPR Rubber Wheels
with (1) Multi-Position Lock on (1) Wheel

$379.00 Dealer Direct Cost  1 - 5 pcs

$369.00 Dealer Direct Cost    6+ pcs

Normal Re-Sale Price $572.00

    Need Extra Upright Posts ?  

Our "I" Frame Cart will hold up to 6 Posts

Added Load Retention for those bulky & oversized Products

$37.26 each  Dealer Direct Cost

Normal Re-Sale Price $55.90

Include some CANIS "I" Frame Cart Dollies
with your next
CANIS Drywall Cart

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